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Porsche 918 Spyder


E-Type inspired Growler E.

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Scuderia VIP at Harrods


Lamborghini Huracan LP 610-4 (by Paul SKG)


Of the Hybrid big-three (The Laffy, P1 and 918), the 918 would be my definite pick to own.

Of the three, it’s in my opinion, by far and away the most gorgeous. Yes the Ferrari, and Mclaren may look more striking, but there’s a pointed elegance to the Porsche that I can’t quite explain (…actually, it’s probably those top-mounted exhausts coming out of the buttresses…).

Also, I think it would be a much better car to “own”. It may not quite be on the same performance level of the P1 or the Laffy, but in all seriousness, how often would you or I take any of those cars to a driving threshold where by any performance differentiation would become apparent?

Also, the Porsche, compared to the other two seems to be a lot more real-world practical. The Hybrid system is more eco-oriented as opposed to the P1 and (I assume) LaFerrari, whose Hybrid systems’ only function seems to be to aid performance (see aforementioned point). The Porsche’s electric-only range is double the P1’s, and does the Laffy even have an electric-only mode?

Also, you can’t take the roof off either the P1 or Ferrari…

But in all honestly, this entire post is completely moot, as i’ll likely never even lay my eyes on any of these three cars. But one can dream…

Via: /DRIVE - Driving Manhattan in a Porsche 918: Electric-Only.

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Story of my fucking life